Message Candles - 25 Hour Burn Time Soy Wax Candles

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Soy wax MESSAGE CANDLES with 25 hour burn time.

Available scents:
  • Best Mom Ever (berry scent)
  • Best Dad Ever (blue sugar scent)
  • Best Grandma Ever (berry scent)
  • Happy Mother's Day (berry scent)
  • Happy Birthday (birthday cake scent)
  • I'm praying for you (spring garden scent)
  • I ❤️ you (marshmallow scent)
  • I'm here for you (cucumber splash scent)
  • Get well (sunflower scent)
  • I'm Thinking of You (spring garden)
  • This too shall pass (fruit candy scent)
  • I miss your face (love spell scent)
  • I'm thinking of you (spring garden scent)

** Due to the nature of natural soy wax, the wax may vary in texture and color.