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Talking Points | Hey, What's Your Shirt Mean?

WWJD | What Would Jesus Do. I've seen WWJD bracelets around since I was a child (I'm 33 by the way!) and still see them worn today. It's one of those acronyms that will always circulate and that even most non-Christians know what it stands for. But, are we prepared to actually explain what that means? Rather than spit off "what would Jesus do" from rote memory? 

Honestly-- we ourselves may need to stop, pause, and reflect on "what would Jesus do" means ... for our own benefit! 

We should approach every situation through the lens of knowing Jesus's character and asking ourselves... "how would Jesus direct me to respond to this situation?" It's a reminder to not act impulsively or act driven by our emotion. Pause and consciously think about this before we react.

And an added reminder... we are being watched. Non-Christians are ready to point the finger and call out "hypocrite." We want to be a light in this world and a reflection of Jesus, not someone who discourages or gives Christians a bad name. 

Shirt Specs

  • Original design from Seventy Times Seven
  • Screenprinting completed in-house by Seventy Times Seven
  • Comfort Colors garment dyed heavyweight t-shirt
  • Color: melon
  • Soft ring-spun cotton fabric with 100% cotton threads
  • Relaxed fit
  • Topstitched, classic width, rib collar
  • Shoulder to shoulder twill tape
  • Signature twill label
  • Model is wearing a size medium.

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