Chapter two - "Order up!"

Chapter two - "Order up!"

Chapter two - "Order up!"

                        The warm wash cloth felt soothing on my face as I removed last night’s makeup. I couldn’t help but laugh as I wiped the black eye liner from under my eyes. I never go to bed without washing my face, but last night I was exhausted.  Standing in the shower, letting the water run off my skin I could feel Travis’s hands on my body.

Looking in the mirror at myself, I was definitely tired. 7:00am comes early, especially when you’ve been acting like a harlot all night.


Thursday mornings I have a little more time for myself, as Will drops Thomas off at school. I decided to stop by the coffee shop and enjoy a cup while checking emails. I stood in line looking at the menu. Four hours of sleep demands I get caffeine quickly.

As I stood there trying to figure out the difference between a macchiato and a cappuccino I could hear my grandmother saying “why can’t there just be black coffee!” My grandfather would always reply “people who drink black coffee are more likely to exhibit psychopathic traits” He knew how to ruffle her feathers and loved doing it.  “People who order lattes with extra foam are more likely to be their victims.” She’d reply with that don’t tempt me Richard look.


“Travis, your coffee is ready!” Hearing that name I immediately snapped out of my walk down memory lane. I wanted to turn and run to the car. I couldn’t bare seeing him today. I’m positive he regrets last night’s adventure as much as I do.

I turn to excuse myself from the line and see a twenty something with a man bun and a fanny pack grab a quad shot, non fat,  vanilla soy, extra foam with the name Travis scribbled on the side.


It wasn’t the Travis, this Travis was just a boy with a bitch biscuit for hair.

I steadied my trembling legs, got back in line, placed my order and waited for my name to be called.

I spent the next hour answering emails and updating my meeting calendar.


The rest of the week flew by with work and taking care of Thomas. It was my weekend to have him which meant baseball games on Saturday and Sunday we would go on “mommy and me adventures” usually to the park or a short trip down to the beach for a few hours.

I think the only positive thing Thomas got from our divorce was the quality time with each of his parents. We both try so hard to have fun and make our time special with him when it’s our weekend. Looking back on the months leading up to the divorce Will and I spent so much time being bitter we started to forget about Thomas’s needs and feelings. Now he gets our undivided attention when he’s with us.


“Hurry up, and don’t forget your bat bag!” I motioned for Thomas to move a little faster as we got out the car. This kid loves hitting the ball and running the bases but when it comes to getting him out the door, he drags his feet. I think to myself “he gets it from his father!” I’m sure I’ll end up saying this a lot in my future.

The game played out like usual, kids running in opposite directions, cloud watchers in the outfield and dugout sing alongs. Will showed up late as usual and flirting with the team mom.

He was always a ladies man and women eat up his smirk and raised eyebrow. I think he enjoys flirting in front of me. As if to say  “see what your missing.”

When he finally came over to the bleachers, it took everything in my body not to blurt out “ I slept with your friend, and it was so good!”

He must have asked me a question because when I responded “absolutely amazing, how are you?” His tone snapped me out of my fantasy. “I didn’t ask how you were, I want to know if I can take Thomas fishing after baseball?”

Even though it’s technically my weekend, we have worked hard to be fluid with times. Letting Thomas go have fun with his father means I will be home alone again. My lips quivered slightly at the throught of the last time I was home alone.


The boys left for a fun day of fishing and I decided to head to the beach. It was a short drive to see the sunset and get lost in the sounds of the ocean.   I stopped by the house to pickup a few things. Before I got in the car I decided to update Facebook. “Headed to watch the sunset on the beach all by myself. “

Traffic was light for a late Saturday afternoon and I couldn’t believe it I actually found an upfront parking spot close to the entry to the beach. It took me a few minutes to lay out my blanket and chair with the perfect view of the sunset. 

I had only been on the sand for a few minutes watching the birds fly around searching for food left behind from the visitors earlier in the day. It was late in the afternoon and many people had left already. My phone dinged with an alert. It was Travis! “Oh my God, it’s not Wednesday!” I laughed out loud, feeling giddy.

“What beach are you at?”

I wrote back telling him about my favorite spot to watch the sunset and how the sound of the waves brings me peace. “More relaxing than what I do to you?” That was a little cocky and definitely not innocent by any means.

I couldn’t help myself with what I wrote next. “I keep coming back to the beach, if that tells you anything!”

“Oh, is that so?” Was his only response. I didn’t respond only reacted to his message with the “!! !!” response.

After a few minutes, I sat the phone down and got back to watching the waves break on the sandy shore.

I laid back and closed my eyes letting the sun warm my skin.

I got lost in the moment, not thinking about anything, just listening to the ocean and the birds.


A dark cloud passed in front of the sun and cast a shadow over my face, temporarily stopping the heat and allowing my face to feel the cold breeze. I opened my eyes to check for rain clouds.

“This is more relaxing, than sitting on my face?” Travis said in a low sexy voice. “What are you doing here, stalker?” I snapped, as I sat up and wrapped my towel around me.

Avoiding my question completely he asked “why are you covering your body up? I’ve seen every beautiful inch of it.”

I thought to myself that was in a very dark room and I hoped he wasn’t wearing his glasses.

“Because I can!” I shot back at him.

He motioned for me to move over so he could have some towel seating. I did as he requested.

“It’s not Wednesday Travis, what are you doing here?” He leaned over, touched his nose to my shoulder and inhaled deeply. “I had to wash my bed sheets and they don’t smell like you any more so I came to get a refill.”

The simple touch of his skin to mine sent tingles over my body. The way he spoke confidentially and with authority made me want to surrender my body to him right here on this beach.

“And before you ask, no I’ve not gotten what I came for, yet!” He said as if already anticipating my smart mouth.

I gave him a grin trying to hide my laugh. He brought his hands up to my shoulder and gently laid me back against the sand. Unwrapping my towel revealing my body.

Thank you Target, for the new swimsuit, because I would have died if he’d seen my old one. It was older than my son!

He laid back beside me leaning on one elbow and stared into my eyes. He began rubbing his fingertips over my skin. “I hope you know you’re beautiful, Stephanie?” Everything in me wanted to dismiss his compliment and make a joke. It had been a long time since I felt beautiful and even longer since I’ve heard someone say it to me.

In this moment, under the sun with Travis I felt beautiful.  I closed my eyes and smiled a little. Travis began kissing my shoulder and neck. His lips soft and cool to the touch. His arm wrapped over my stomach and fingers brushing my side. 

I exhaled loudly conveying my pleasure to his actions. The sounds of the beach disappeared in the distance, replaced by his rhythmic breathing close to my ear.

“Do you have lotion?” He asked. “I brought tanning oil, it’s in my bag.”

Travis moved to retrieve the oil and told me to turn over on my stomach.  Cold drops of oil dripped on my back, causing my skin to goose bump. They were immediately wiped away with his strong hands. He untied my bikini top and pulled my bottoms up exposing way too much skin.

“Are you trying to give me a wedgy?” I asked playfully. He said “I want to take them off completely but I’m guessing you won’t allow that?” I would allow him to do almost anything but I don’t look forward to explaining the indecent exposure charge on my record to my boss or mother. “Good guess!” He rubbed my entire body from my head to my toes in a slow steady motion. The wind had blown sand onto my body and it mixed with the oil as if it were supposed to be there, exfoliating my skin with each pass of his fingers. Leaving more than just my skin wet and sticky.

Travis bent down and asked me to lift my body up slightly off the towel. As I did he cupped my breast with both of his hands. Leaning over me, his lips kissing my neck and his breath tickling my ear. This man really knows how to turn on a woman. I can’t believe I’m on a public beach without my top on.

Wet without touching the water and wondering if I can actually have an orgasm without touching my vagina.  I was lost in thought when he pulled his arms away and stood up. Turning my head to see what he was doing. I see him pull his Tshirt off and drop it next to me on the towel. 

Another racing shirt, he most likely got from an event he attended. He began walking to the ocean. I notice he’s holding something in his left hand. I can barely make out the silhouette  in the setting sun.

“Is that my bikini bikini top you have?” I look down and see it missing from my body. How did he take my top when I was laying on it? “Bring that back!” I yelled as he created distance between us.

As he entered the water he turned back towards me as if he was in a movie and about to walk off into the sunset. “Come get it!” He replied. I couldn’t see his face but I knew he was grinning. If he thinks this is funny, he doesn’t know Stephanie. I grabbed his t-shirt that was balled up beside me and pulled it over my head and breast.

It smelled like him, I hadn’t noticed that before. I recognized the cologne when I inhaled, it was cool water. I stood to my feet and began walking toward him. “I’m going to get your shirt wet!” I said as I pulled the hem back and forth. I could see his smile now, he was watching me as I followed him into the ocean. The further I walked the deeper it was. The water was splashing against my breast making my nipples hard and clearly visible in this white shirt.

I made it to him and lunged for my bathing suit in his hand but I wasn’t quick enough he raised it high above his head. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his hips while my attempts to regain possession of my top was futile. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. I laid my cheek on his chest. I could feel him breathing deep with his face in my hair. “Getting another refill?” I asked without moving. He shook his head slightly without saying anything.

I looked up at him and we locked eyes. He has beautiful blue eyes as if the sky was a reflection in them.

He leaned into kiss me, I turned my head instinctively. He didn’t react instead he began kissing my neck. My body went weightless in the water.

He moved his hand down between my legs and pulled my suit to the side. Sliding his fingers inside me and rubbing with his thumb. I flinched and popped my head up to see who was around us and if anyone was watching what was happening.

There was another couple a ways down the beach paying no attention to us. My hips began moving with the motion of his hand.

“Is this better than being alone on the sand?” He whispered “yes!” I said softly in his ear.

He removed his hand from between my thighs and a moment later I could feel his penis against my opening. As he entered me, his hands moved firmly around my waist. He was in completely in control, moving my body with the motion of the ocean. I would have laughed at that cliche if I weren’t so close to climax.

He seemed to sense I was close because he held me tighter and was more firm with every thrust. Our timing was impeccable as we reached climax together. We held on to each other as the waves rolled over us.

When I was able to compose myself I let go and swam for shore. “Are you coming?” I said to him between strokes. “I already did!” He replied with a smirk.  We sat on the beach together not saying anything as we watched the sun sink below the water. 

Travis asked if I had plans for dinner. I replied straight faced “I would, but I have to get home to feed the dogs!”

“Oh I see!” Was his response and a little giggle.

He walked me to my car and I teased him about being a beach stalker. When he walked towards his car he smiled and said “you can get this back on Wednesday!” As he pulled my bikini top from his back pocket.


Chapter three - Another bottle of wine


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