My Wednesday's are free

My Wednesday's are free

Chapter one - Wednesday nights 




                         It was a regular Wednesday night at 5:00pm. His father would be pulling up any time now and load up our son for his mid week visit. This had become the norm since the divorce. This week I was feeling extra lonely and I wasn’t looking forward to the silence of the house when he left for the night. 

I opened Facebook and starred at the home page “what’s on your mind?”

I simply wrote “home alone, again. “

The door bell rang, little foot steps followed from down the hallway. 

Opening the door Thomas ran into his fathers arms dragging his over night bag behind him. Will scooped him up in his arms. “Hey buddy, I missed you!” “I missed you too, daddy!” These moments made me wish our story had turned out different. Will was such a loving, kind, dedicated father to Thomas he just couldn’t be that dedicated to his marriage. 

After buckling Thomas in his car seat the door closed and the sound of the old Chevy faded away down the road. 


I sat down on the sofa in the large living room filled with silence. I wondered if I should cook something to eat or just go to bed. I was happy Thomas was able to spend time with Will but each week it left me feeling alone and often questioning if I’d made the best decision for my family. 

I unlocked my phone ready to push my own thoughts aside and scroll through my friends list of mundane drama. Already anticipating who would share more than they should and who would post vague comments about their issues. 

A red number one was showing in my messages. I clicked to see who it was from. “Why are you home alone?” Sent from Wills friend Travis. 

I should probably ignore this, after all he was Wills friend not mine. I chuckled a little thinking that Will would be upset if he knew I was messaging one of his friends. We weren’t married, I was single and it was just a question. Why was I getting so worked up about one sentence? I knew the answer to that before I hit send.  “No baby tonight, it’s my night off and I don’t know what to do with myself!” 

Immediately I got a response, as if he was waiting for me to respond. 

“I could give you something to do!”

There it was, exactly what I thought. He knew what he was doing by messaging me, but I knew what I was doing by responding. I told myself that flirting in “dm’s” wasn’t the worst thing I could do. Travis and Will had been friends for many years, but not close friends. They were in the same circle but only hung out for the occasional poker night. 

I replied “oh?” The bubbles showed up immediately, flashing at the bottom of the screen as I waited for his response. 

Travis and I made small talk throughout the night. Asking each other questions about work and what we did during our free time. 

I had never spent much time around him. He was single and I assumed never married. Travis liked fast cars, gambling and spending money. Nothing that a mother of a small child would care about. Travis wasn’t a ladies man, he was in his forty’s and not very attractive. Though I assumed his bachelor lifestyle was more the cause of him being single than his physical attributes. 

I set the phone down and imagined how mad Will would be if he found out I had an affair with one of his friends. 

“Stephanie, it’s not an affair if you’re single!” I reminded myself almost feeling guilty for saying it out loud. 

Will wasn’t faithful during our marriage. I stopped counting the number of hook ups I found out about after He was caught in a hotel room with the wife of his boss. She was a friend of mine, that day I lost my friend, my husband and he lost his job. 

“Bored? Want to come over and hang out?”

I read the message fifteen times, trying to decide how to respond. 

The blinking cursor mocking me as if saying “go ahead I dare you. “

“What’s in it for me?” He replied “seems like you could use a back massage and I’m pretty good!”

My response “we’ll see about that.”


Fifteen minutes later I pulled into his driveway next to his gorgeous black mustang and turned off the engine. 

I can still drive home, at this point I’ve done nothing wrong. As my mother would say “I can pass the red face test.” The front door squeaks open and is left that way. I couldn’t see him in the darkness beyond the door. It was an open invitation, but if I went through the doorway there was no turning back. 

I walked into the entry way, lite only by a small dim table lamp. I could hear soft rock playing from a room in the back of the house. I had been there before but not past the kitchen living room area. I could hear my heart in my chest, pounding with nervous anticipation. 

Travis was sitting on the sofa when I turned the corner into the living room. He wasn’t dressed up as if he was going on a date. Wearing a very worn Outlaws racing tee and basketball shorts. I don’t know what I expected but somehow I felt a little disappointed, In myself. 

I sat in the chair across from him separated by the coffee table. We just looked at one another for a few minutes not saying anything. 

He stood up and walked around behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders. Using his thumbs to apply pressure at the base of my neck. 

This sent chills down my spine. His hands were strong and callused, yet his touch was tender. 

It had been several months since I had felt the intimate touch of another person. I couldn’t help but make a mental note that I needed to schedule a massage. If I had done that before I might not be here tonight. 


My body softened under his hands, moving slowly down my back and arms. He pulled my long blonde hair to one side and I felt his breath on my neck. His lips made connection with my skin and sent fire through my nerve endings. As I closed my eyes and let

my head fall back to fully experience his lips on my skin, he suddenly pulled away breaking contact. I opened my eyes to see him moving in front of me. He reached his hand out for mine and pulled me to a standing position. Then he motioned for him to follow him down the hall to the bedroom. 

He opened the door to the last room and I followed him in. It was an oversized master bedroom with minimal furniture. There wasn’t a light fixture only the glow from a monitor screen sitting on the desk at the other end. This was where the music was coming from. Playing “Born to be my baby” I sat on the edge of the bed and he climbed over to the middle of the king size bed. Before I could turn to face him he asked me a question. “Are you ready to do this?” What kind of question is that? How does a thirty something divorced mother respond to a question like that without sounding like she’s clearly done this a time or two. If I said no, then what, I get up and walk out? I chose not to respond, just completely still with my back to him. 

I could see my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My own eyes judging me for what I was about to do. I felt his hand touch the small of my back and I turned facing him. Laying my legs on the bed, I rested my head on the pillow. 

His hands began to explore my body. 

Quickly this time he ran his hands on my skin. Leaning into kiss me, I turned my head away. I couldn’t kiss him. This wasn’t a romantic escapade. This was more simple. Two consenting adults finding physical pleasure in one another. Kissing felt romantic and loving to me. What we were about to engage in was not love in my book. 

His body language didn’t appear to question my decision. He pulled me to the center of the bed and towered over me, visually taking my body in, as if he was deciding what to do first. 

He grabbed both my skirt and panties and pulled them both down with one quick motion, taking them down past my ankles. It was easy to see what he wanted and how he was going to get it. He wasn’t asking anymore questions. This animalistic behavior sent shivers down my body and made me wet. 

I was the boss at work, the leader, decision maker, and for the past ten years I played that roll in my own bedroom as well. This was different, I could see in Travis’s eyes I was not in control of this situation and I liked it. 

He pulled my legs apart and the cold air rushed over my hot skin. Running his tongue from my stomach down between my legs, separating my lips. He was aggressive and forceful using his tongue and teeth to rub my clitoris. Sliding his fingers inside me making me gasp for breath. I sank into the mattress and pillow grabbing handfuls of his hair. I didn’t need to direct him he knew exactly what he was doing. 

I could no longer hear the music playing from the computer over my own heavy breathing and cries of pleasure. Just as I was about to climax I instinctually tightened my thighs and pushed he head with my hands. This didn’t deter him. He grabbed both my wrists and tightly held them to the mattress, preventing any attempts of escape. This dominating move sent me over the edge and into a firework climax. 

He wasn’t done with me. 

As I lay there trying to catch my breath he undressed himself, tossing the ratty shirt and shorts to the floor. 

He laid down beside me and placed his hand on my stomach as if to help slow my breathing. He spoke softly “you ready for round two?” I gave him a slight smile on my next exhale. 

Grabbing me, he pulled me on top of him, using both hands he placed mine on the large wooden headboard. He then slide down the bed positioning his head between my legs. 

This was round two? I wasn’t complaining but I didn’t expect an encore of part one. 

I collapsed next to him on the bed, breathless and glistening. “Is there a round three?” I said in my best attempt to not sound desperate. Travis stood up from the bed and said “if you come back next week” then closed the door behind him as he walked into the bathroom. 


I could hear the shower from behind the door. What should I do? Get up and gather my things and leave, or wait here for him to return.

Either I took to long to decide or his shower was too short. He opened the door with a towel wrapped around his waist. 

As if he was reading my mind he said “ I always feel awkward when girls ask me to stay, so I just tell them I have to go home and feed the dog. “

I laughed out loud at this. I definitely got the hint. I grabbed my skirt and slipped it on and shoved my panties into the pocket. 

I grabbed my keys and purse and started my exit strategy. He told me to hold on while he got dressed and he would walk me to my car. 

There wasn’t a goodnight kiss or a hug that lasted too long, he simply smiled and said “thanks for coming, I’ll see you next Wednesday?” 


The street lights flashed in the car one after another as I drove down the empty road. It was 3:00am and this was my first booty call. 

Would it be my last?

Chapter two - "Order up!"


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  • Angela B

    Bringing back some good memories for me from back in the day. Is there anything you can’t do? 🥰

  • Cathy Mingle

    Keep writing…I love it.

  • Cathy Mingle

    I love it. Keep writing

  • S

    The writing is even better and it entertains like oil on the back

  • S

    Morally , I love it .
    I could picture it through reading and that is △⃒⃘ good writing .

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